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Quick & Easy Mega Puffs

I meannnn who doesn't love a quick and easy hairstyle? Check out how I got this super cute style in minutes.

1. Spray hair with water and use wide tooth comb to detangle hair (from ends to roots)

2. Apply moisturizing cream -- I used Pantene Gold Series Hydrating Butter Creme

3. Apply your favorite oil to lock in that moisture (i used Jamaican Black Castor Oil from Mango & Lime

4 Use a tangle teezer to brush your hair into a pony tail

5. Add Drawstring Ponytail. make sure you secure those combs

6. Apply more gel as needed. make sure there's no fly aways.

7. Wrap your hair until the gel dries and set the hair.

8. *optional* butttt you know we had to lay the baby hairs. I applied a scarf again for about 10 minutes to let it set. 

9. Fluff the buns to your liking with a pick

10. And BOOM, dasss it! 

Products Used:

Pantene Gold Series Hydrating Butter Creme​

Mango and Lime Jamaican Black Castor Oil w/ Coconut

Eco Style Black Castor And Flaxseed Gel

Outre Timeless Afro Ponytail small 

Style Factor Edge Booster Pomade

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