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Pregnant-Ci | We're Expecting...

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already heard the amazing news. We're expecting!!

Before officially finding out that I was pregnant, I experienced a slew of emotions. Anxiety, shame, worry, all the things. I was nervous. wondering was I even ready? Worry. what would my family think? if I "was" pregnant, that would mean before marriage. and that itself came with a bunch of feelings. how would I even tell my parents? Would they be disappointed?

Of course I've always dreamed of being a mom one day, but when I faced the reality that it might be sooner than I thought, I was full of so many fearful emotions.

Right before I took the test I had a strong feeling of what the results were going to be. By this time I was 17 days late and just feeling "off". that's really the only way I could describe it. And for me, my period has always been on point, so what else could it be?

PREGNANT the clear blue stick read.. I couldn't believe it. Me? Little Cici is going to be a mom. WOWW.

Now the worry began to settle as I realized, I gotta tell my parents. Whew .. y'all that itself scared TF outta me. Like I literally was SO nervous. despite being grown af, I still had that childlike fear of letting my parents know and being afraid that I had disappointed them..

At my first appointment (which I thought was going to just pee on the stick and go type of appointment) the doctor confirmed that not only was I pregnant, but I had just made 8 weeks.. and they were setting up the ultra sound room.. GIRL WHET? You mean to tell me I'm going to see my little nugget TODAY? I was shook. Once the room was set up, we went in and did the ultra sound. Hearing my child's heartbeat for the first time was incredible. It was so powerful and fast. Between hearing baby's heartbeat and seeing the joy on Cyril's face I knew everything was going to be okay.

When I finally told my parent's the news, we were greeted with so much love and understanding the complete opposite of what I even expected. Honestly I didn't know what to expect lol but that wasn't it. I learned i really had nothing to be afraid of. Often times fear will amplify a situation making you think it's your reality when it's not.

Once we got over that hump, I literally felt so relieved and was able to truly embrace this new journey..

We are so excited and grateful for all the love and well wishes. We can't wait to meet baby G <3

Photography : Loreal Curtis Photography

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