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Polygel at HOME

What is Polygel you ask? Polygel is a strong, healthier alternative to acrylic. It's thick gel-like consistency usually comes in a tube and is sold in a variety of colors. Polygel can be applied to your natural nail, dual-forms or nail tips. Unlike acrylic, polygel is manipulated by 'slip solution' that's usually included in your polygel kit or 90 prof alcohol, which is great because you probably have that laying around the house or you can purchase it at your local drug store without spending an arm and a leg.

Another great thing about Polygel, is that there is no rush when working with the product. Unlike acrylic, Polygel doesn't harden until you cure it in a LED/UV light. So you can take all the time you need shaping and molding it until you get your desired look. Polygel is a lot softer/flexible than acrylic. Not to be mistaken, it is still VERY strong and durable, when applied correctly but once it is cured, it can be shaped and filed very easily.

Polygel is a great alternative to acrylic and you can do it YOURSELF. I have a video below on my channel showing you how

DIY Dual Form Polygel Application-

I got my Polygel kit from Amazon from a company called Makartt. You can purchase here.

The kit came with the following:

- 6 Polygels (white, clear, misty rose, natural pink, light pink, dark pink)

- top and base coat

- dual forms 60 pcs in 12 sizes

- dual-ended brush + spatula

- nail file

1. Measure out the dual forms making sure they fit your natural nail, side wall to side wall. (I learned that it's okay for it to go over a little bit because once the dual form is filled with Polygel you want a little bit of room since it doesn't lay completely flat)

2. Lightly buff your natural nail to remove any shine, oil, dirt, etc.

3. Apply your base coat; wherever you put the base coat is where the gel is going to stick. Then cure between 30-60 seconds

4. Take your spatula tool and scoop out a small bead of polygel and apply it into the dual form. (I like to apply a small amount at first and then gradually build the nail) take the brush side of the tool dip in slip solution/alcohol, wipe off excess and begin to smooth out the product in the dual form. When your applying the polygel to the dual form, you want to make sure the area near the cuticle isn't super thick. Also focus on building up the apex of the nail which is the center. That needs to be the strongest part to prevent cracking.

5. Once the polygel is molded, apply it to the right nail and clean up any excess on the sides that may have squeezed over. I also like to smooth out my free edge to make sure it's seamless.

6. Cure your nail for 60-90 sec

7. Squeeze the sides of the dual form in a rocking motion until it pops off. & Voila you got your self a strong and study nail. (cure under the nail to make sure that it is set and not sticky).

8. Once all your nails are completed, wipe your nail off to remove the adhesion layer then file the nail to your desired shape and smoothness. (polygel is a lot softer than acrylic so a e-bit drill is not necessary.)

9. Wipe away any remaining dust and apply gel color or gel top coat and cure for 30-60 sec

10. Apply cuticle oil and voila! You got a poppin nail set done at home.

Just add nail tech to your resume, you're official now ;)

Check out my video to see how I encapsulated my polygel nail with unicorn flakes.

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