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My first salon visit in years!!

So I finally went to a professional stylist and y'all.. she got me alll the way together.

Just a little background -- I have been completely natural for about 7 years. (I would say 10+ but, in college I made the awful mistake of perming my edges. I know, I know.. crazy. Another story for another day. Anyways.. throughout my natural journey I honestly did a terrible job taking care of my tresses until recently. I decided if I'm going to really take care of my hair, and do this natural hair journey, I need to go to a professional.

Soo, about 2 months ago I scheduled my appointment with Yessenia, who is a natural hair magician. and I'm not being dramatic. She is legit a magician. (which is why I had to wait 2 months to sit in her chair. Because real ones know, she's amazing. and clearly booked & busy).

My appointment began with the receptionist sending me to the changing room. She pointed to a robe for me to put on. Chillleee a whole robe. I thought to myself so this is what wealth feels like lol na but forreal. I felt all fancy.

I then met with Yessenia who began to ask me all about my hair, my hair goals and what I wanted from this appointment. And honestly y'all, I really didn't know. All I knew was that I wanted my hair to look and feel healthy. So we talked through what I sort of wanted and she talked me through the entire process.

Yessenia was sooo informative and really helped me understand my hair and what it needs in order to be healthy. I am so so pleased with how my hair came out. She trimmed my ends and shaped my hair based on how I like to style it (typically with bangs). She suggested we do a faux bang; where I could achieve a bang look, but also wear a side part/or middle part. that way I had options when it came to styling my hair.

All in all, I'm so pleased and excited for my natural hair journey. Check out

the pics below and see the process :)

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