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Gift Guide For Homebody

This was probably my favorite gift guide to make, because let’s be real.. I’m a homebody. And I'm proud of it! After this year, we've ALL got a little homebody in us. If you're looking for some gift ideas for the homebody in your life, check these out!

Slippers Nothing says home body like a good pair of slippers & Robe They're sooo comfy. I love wearing them around the house. Ultimate cozy gift!

Foot Spa - I don't see myself being in a nail salon any time soon. Not in this climate. Which is the reason I got this foot spa. It's everything! It has taken taken my self-care sundays to another level. I add a few drops of essential oil (tea tree or Eucalyptus) + epsom salt and it's a whole vibe! I also got a bunch of pedicure items as well to get the job done AT HOME!

Bath Trays are the perfect addition to your bath time. It allows you to prop up your iPad or phone, hold a book. And this one even come with a cup holder, for your glass of wine.

Diffuser- ever since I gave birth, I’ve been a huge fan of diffusers and essential oils. It played a huge role during labor. Essential oils have so many great benefits depending on your needs. This a great 'vibe setting' gift! Some of my favorite essential oils are--  lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus. 

Candles - I'm a huge candle fan! Check out my favorite candle brand! They're the perfect gift and will leave your home smelling AMAZING! My personal favorites are September sixth and Sunday in Brooklyn.

Pj’s - Nothing beats a pair of cozy PJ's. My mom gifts me pajamas every year, it's become our tradition. I meaaan how can you resist a GOOD pair of pajamas?! you can’t.

Fuzzy throw blanket - you might have noticed a theme to this list. #coziness is life. And a person can never have too many blankets. Throw blankets will make a great gift for a homebody!

Journal/Planner- Whether she's a writer or not, she'll find some use of it. from todo lists, to writing down goals and/or ideas! Check out this amazing planner/journal! It'll be a great gift!

If you're anything like me and love greenery and plants but haven't developed a green thumb thennnn this beautiful plant is just for you and your home!

I hope this list is helpful! Stay tuned for more gift guides throughout the holiday season!

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