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Diaper bag, but make it fashion

Throughout my mommy journey, I’ve learned that you’ll probably go through a few diaper bags until you find the RIGHT one. When looking for a diaper bag, you’ll want to get something that you’d feel comfortable wearing as a purse. What better type of bag, than a backpack. I don’t know about you but purses stress me out (sometimes). It’s the strap falling off my shoulder, the small sections, etc. it’s just a lot. And on top of that, having to carry a purse AND some sort of diaper bag?! It’s a no for me. So a backpack was the perfect option. Not just any backpack either. Think .. leather, chic, spacious, cute. When I heard about this Diaper bag online, I instantly fell in love. I mean how could I not. It’s gorgeous.

Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s spacious! This bag is 13” wide 15” high x 7” deep. It has 10 pockets, and a huge middle section. Great for all your baby’s needs, and you can fit a laptop as well. Perfect for the #working mom! Another thing I love about this bag is that it’s wipeable And spill resistant. This was SO importantEspecially during the current times. I’m a huge germaphobe and I love that after a day of being out, I can take my Lysol wipes and wipe down/disinfect my diaper bag.

Now I know, this bag may be a tad pricey.. but mama you just gave birth to a whole baby! You deserve to spoil yourself. Plus, it’s for the baby. *insert winking face here*

Y’all know I love a good deal, and Freshly Picked was kind enough to provide me with a coupon code for my readers so girrrrl you can spoil yourself at a discounted rate. YAS! use ‘FPXCiarra’ at checkout for $$ off.

If you are on the market for a new diaper bag, or looking for a quality gift to give a mom-to-be this is a great option!

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